martedì 2 novembre 2010

L'eruzione del vulcano e la potenza dei social media

Ricordate l'eruzione del vulcano islandese dell'aprile scorso? Ecco una interessante analisi secondo il punto di vista dei social media.

L'articolo e' piuttosto lungo e ricco di analisi, qui mi limito a riportare alcuni fatti:
During the six-day calamity, travellers who were stuck in airports tweeted about their predicament to their friends and family and turned to social media to find alternate ways to get home. 
Airlines used Twitter to keep their passengers updated in real time and to instruct them on how to change their booked seats.
United Airlines and British Airways employed Twitter to resolve customer issues
The Changi Airport Group used its Facebook and Twitter accounts to enlist help from its fan base to offer hospitality to stranded passengers.

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